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Through our urban route, ideal for leisurely walking with the whole family, discover our monuments and know some of the secrets of our history. Do not miss it!

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Town hall

The building that houses the Town Hall of Redueña was built at the end of the 1950s, in the same line as the public buildings of the time, with granite and stone architecture. It is listed as a protected building. It is located in the Plaza de la Villa, which is the starting and finishing point of the Urban Route.

Old laundry (vicarage)

What is now the priest’s house, not long ago was a laundry which came to wash clothes women of our people well into the last century, as still remembers many of our neighbors. This was a meeting place of women, of great importance for the social life of the people. It is located on Calle Mayor.

Cross Calle Mayor

In Redueña you can see different crosses. One, located on the Calle Mayor, in the upper town (north end of town), and the other two in the cemetery (a little further away, therefore) and in the courtyard of the Church. It is thought that could form part of a “Via Crucis” or serve as signals indicative of crossroads.

Vernacular Architecture

There are still excellent examples in Redueña of how the old rural houses were, like those we can see in the Calle de la Luna. The buildings used to be on one level with no patio, with roofs covered in Arabic tiles and large doors on the facades. Inside there was a hall, an alcove room and the kitchen.

Shoeing place

An old shoeing place is still preserved in Redueña, now in disuse. Formerly cows, oxen or mules were of great importance for life in the countryside. Thanks to this simple at the same time ingenious structure could be shoed the cattle, immobilizing it so that it did not suffer any damage and to facilitate the work of the blacksmith.

Edible arboretum

Within this space is a tourist-environmental itinerary, open to everyone, and adapted to blind people. Opened in 2014, this garden is an ideal place to learn and share culture and knowledge to the countryside. It is divided into several zones, with a forest of fruit trees and terraces to garden.

Old schools

This building housed the old school was in Redueña, between 1947 and 1970, when he left to have school in the municipality. Today schools are very different from the middle of last century, when it was common for all the children of the people estudiasen in the same class, having only one teacher or teacher.


Our park or playground, designed for children, has different swings, as well as banks and bins. From the park we can enjoy a pleasant time in the sun contemplating the beautiful views of the town and the mountains. Do not forget to visit this green area, ideal to spend a wonderful time with your family!

Gothic cemetery cross

This cross dates from the late fifteenth century and presents various details that link it to the Franciscan order, as the shields on the faces of the capital and the composite cord representing the three vows of the Order: poverty, obedience and chastity. It is situated at the southern end of the cemetery, about 300 m east of the village.

Church of St. Peter in Chains

This magnificent building was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, although the origin of the tower is earlier. It has a single nave. In addition to the Renaissance façade of great value, recently restored, stand inside the wall paintings, polychrome Romanesque carving of the Virgin and a Renaissance niche.

Lintel and shield (Main Street)

In the main street we can see various lintels (top horizontal part situated on doors or windows) with inscriptions carved in stone, which can be read in some cases the construction date and the name of the builder, or a religious invocation dedicated to the virgin Mary. There is also a shield.

Route for All

Continuing along the Calle Mayor you are reached in about 500 m to the starting point of the “Path for All”, an attractive and simple return route (4.5 km long in total), with little slope and very good surface, which crosses the Boyal Dehesa Redueña, one of the natural sites of greatest environmental value of the municipality.