Runs through our tourist routes

Our town is an ideal starting point to explore and enjoy enclaves of great natural value, like the Dehesa Boyal, located very close to the people. Redueña also run by prominent district or regional routes, such as West Camino de Santiago, CiclaMadrid or Carpetania Road Network.

These routes will allow you to discover a unique nature, besides enjoying unrivaled panoramic views. From the highest parts of our town an imposing view of much of the Sierra Norte currency, the unmistakable and steep terrain of the Sierra de La Cabrera in the foreground. East from Redueña sight is lost to the vast and fertile valley of the Jarama River, one of the most important agricultural areas of the Community of Madrid.


Route for All

From the town an interesting and attractive route, entitled “Route for All“.

It is a simple route, round trip (with a length of about 4.5 km in total), with little slope and with a firm that provides access to the disabled or wheelchair.

The route crosses the Dehesa Boyal, one of the enclaves of greater environmental value of the municipality. The Route for All consists of several interpretive panels whose contents are adapted for blind people, with labels and braille and reliefs of the most characteristic features of the pasture.

Western Way of Santiago

The Western Way of Santiago, perhaps one of the most unknown but most attractive Jacobean roads in the region, connects the city of Guadalajara with Manzanares El Real, where it joins the Camino de Madrid. Along its almost 100 km long, it is marked by yellow arrows and with the characteristic shell that symbolizes and identifies the Camino de Santiago.

Pilgrims will be found on this Camino to Santiago, old churches of Romanesque and Renaissance origin, medieval roads and corners laden with history, crossing some of the regions of greatest interest in the province of Guadalajara and the Community of Madrid.


Our municipality runs the route of CiclaMadrid , a circular full path, divided into stages and intended cicloturismo spanning much of the Community of Madrid. Specifically, by Redueña runs Stage 7 CiclaMadrid, connecting locations and Miraflores Torrelaguna Sierra.

This sexy stage, which runs through the town of Redueña, called “On the southern Sierra Norte, way Miraflores” can go completely or partially, depending on the level of demand.

To the west, you can easily connect our town to Venturada, Cabanillas and Navalafuente.

Road Network – Carpetania

In the region of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, in which Redueña is located, runs a comprehensive network of routes, Carpetania.

Through these routes, which are currently in phase signaling it is to connect the various municipalities that is part of the Sierra Norte, as well as other attractions, such as summits and areas of natural value.

This road network will, therefore, an ideal place to explore, enjoy and learn about a region that holds innumerable cultural and natural values ​​scenario.

Urban route

Through the Urban Road Redueña you discover our monuments and know some of the secrets of our history. It is ideal for leisurely walk with the whole family and easy way. Do not miss it!

Urban route runs alongside our buildings and memorials. It begins at City Hall and then up the High Street. Can admire the architecture of Redueña, which still excellent examples of how were the old rural homes, and many other places like the colt of shoeing, old school, the playground, and the Church of St. Peter ad links are preserved a magnificent building was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Edible Arboretum

The “Edible Arboretum – Hoya del Enebral” is an ideal place to disseminate and publicize the cultural and natural heritage of our people space. Through an entertaining tourist-environmental itinerary, Arboreto Foodstuff is an ideal place for walking and relaxation, to learn and share culture and knowledge to the field, open to taste and experimenting with new flavors and contributing to the traditional cuisine fruits and vegetables close

It is located west of town, on Via Pecuaria Hoya del Enebral, and connects two of the main trails of the municipality: “Senda for all” (interpretive trail of Mediterranean forests) and urban route “Cultural Route”.

Download and consult the map below and discover where to run these routes, passing through our town!